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Monday, June 18, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday--Cooking

Traveling with Annie again on Tuesday and with all the other Time Travel Tuesday participants.

Today we revisit our first cooking or a memorable cooking experience. Yes…well…Cooking has been somewhat creative around me.

Let’s take you back to the summer before sixth grade. My dear little sis was in first grade. Mom was working. I was in charge. Bwaahahahahaha…And being taller I controlled what we ate.

And we ate mostly cheese soup and bologna sandwiches (with Miracle Whip—‘coz I hadn’t discovered mayo yet). If we didn’t have bologna we had tuna fish sandwiches and cheese soup. I really liked cheese soup. And Miracle Whip. Just so you know it was the old style Campbell’s cheese soup. They don’t make it anymore. Oh, yes, they have cans that say “cheese soup.” But it is different. And yucky.

There was the time in seventh grade I set off the smoke alarm making pancakes. Sadly I repeated that fiasco often. It has only been within the last five years that I have been able to make pancakes. I am still capable of setting the smoke alarm off if I attempt fried chicken. My husband does fried chicken.

It was somewhere around here that my mother and sister concluded I was not a chef and relieved me from all cooking duties. So somehow I missed out on receiving Grandma’s meatball recipe and several old stand-bys. Mom and Sis deny this and finally I have gotten those recipes.

After I graduated from college and rented an apartment with a appliances I began cooking for myself. Being lousy at following directions (could that be why they didn’t bother to give me recipes?) I kind of made things up as I went along. Too this day I will cook things by taste. Adding here and there as my palette feels the need.

Last memory to share—my first impromptu party with my soon-to-be-husband and sister. A group of my friends, a friend of my husband, a friend of my (ex) brother-in-law ended up at our house one evening, no one had eaten and I instigated “stuffed quesadillas.” Again no recipe—just hauled out everything I could think of out of the fridge and made quesadillas for everyone. Then we all had a fun time dancing in the two car garage/make-shift dance floor. One friend who was there still brings this up, occasionally, more that fifteen years later. It was a good cooking memory.

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Bss said...

I can relate to your experiences with cooking. After I caught the oven on fire twice, my mother shooed me out of the kitchen. It was easier for her to just do it than have to deal with my mishaps. I ate pizza for one entire semester in college. lol Ugh- I think it's still on my hips today.

Barbara H. said...

Smiling at your cooking memories. :) One of mine involves fried chicken. I haven't made it in years. I'm glad you got those family recipes finally -- they would mean a lot just to have even if you never made them.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Love the quesadillas idea!

I can't cook by taste- I'm too chicken. I HAVE to have a recipe or it's back to cheese soup and sandwiches for me! :)

tonsofsons said...

I with you ~ cook by taste or actually by site! LOL!

KC said...

I hear cooking by taste with no recipe is a sign of a great chef :)

I have set off the smoke alarm more then 1(or 100 LOL) times.

annie said...

I don't measure much when I cook, just throw this or that in, so each meal is an original... Matt will always say, "can you make it like this again." because he knows how I am. Fun stories!
My Life as Annie!

CoachJ said...

Oh, I am so NOT like that. I have to have a recipe!!! One of those things that lines up just perfectly with this accounting-type-everything-must-balance-in-the-end brain!! :)

- PRACTiCAL CHiCK said...

LOL I either fry boneless chicken or I use a deep fryer.

Mayo (real mayo) is the best!

Sheryl said...

What a great read!! I so relate to cooking by taste...I can't follow a recipe as is...I'm always having to tweak...and if I don't write down the tweaks right that minute, I can't remember how to duplicate it for next time ;)
Loved, loved, loved this: Being lousy at following directions (could that be why they didn’t bother to give me recipes?)
Thanks for the laugh!!

Irritable Mother said...

I actually started liking bologna, cheese and mayo sandwiches when I babysat for a little boy who wanted them for lunch everyday. Never tried the cheese soup, but I imagine it would be a similar taste combo.
I'm glad you hear you're able to make pancakes without the smoke alarm now! :o)

kim said...

Loved your stories! I used to eat mayonnaise sandwiches on Wonder Bread---yup! Just plain mayo. Then I got tricky and added pickles to the recipe...hmmm...yum?? I married a Miracle Whip man who has graciously stepped over to the mayo side as I just COULD never like Miracle Whip. Thanks for sharing your stories--they were fun to read!

Lorie said...

Thanks for sharing. That was interesting!

Jane-Jane said...

typically my husband loves my cooking... he just wishes he could get the same dish twice from me. Unless I am baking cookies and breads, I don't use a recipe.... what ever jumps out of the spice cupboard, the pantry and the fridge/freezer, that's what we eat!

IRENE said...

Oh dear! I don't know if it was fun at the time, but I hope it is now that you are thinking about it!

Renee's Ramblings said...

Great memories! Thanks for sharing. I smiled when I read about the fried chicken! It's an unspoken rule in my household...I don't do anything deep fried- LOL.

Have a great week.