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Monday, July 16, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday...Summer Camp Edition

This week Annie asks us to remember summer camp.

I only went to three summer camps. The first was in junior high and I went to basketball camp. Having never been to camp at all and new to playing basketball, my parents and I decided this would be a good thing for me. However I was unable to attend the junior high basketball camp. My parents arranged for me to go to the high-school camp. Now…I had never been away from home unless it was with family. I had no one my age or even from my school district at this camp. I. Was. Homesick. Oh my word was I homesick.

The highschool girls who had been assigned to room with me, to their credit were really quite sweet and tried to include me as much as possible. They made sure I was asked to accompany them to meals. I think I must have lost ten pounds that week at least because I couldn’t manage to eat much more than an apple or a bowl of cereal and we were run hard all week. It was a horrible experience, but looking back I am grateful for how those older girls tried to care for me.

The next experience at camp was as a counselor! I actively pursued this position. It was held at a retreat place on a beautiful lake. I was a counselor there for two years, the first as a senior in college and the second the year after I graduated. I have the best memories from these camps. I was with wonderful people I loved and respected and with teens who responded to me in such an overwhelmingly positive way. It was traditional camp with canoeing, swimming, softball, volleyball, campfires and daily Mass. There were arts and crafts and music. Oh the music was my favorite.

Being a camp counselor and all the fun there more than made up for my junior high experience.

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Barbara H. said...

I'm so sorry your first camp experience was so bad! But I'm glad it didn't keep you from going again later.

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I loved camp and went every year. Sorry to hear your first time wasn't great, but what guts you have to go as a counsellor even though you didn't like camp!

Renee's Ramblings said...

Sorry to hear your first experience with summer camp wasn't that good. I'm glad it got better as a counselor.

Leah in Iowa said...

It's funny ~ camp stories can either be really GOOD or really BAD. I don't hear many that are "middle of the road". Glad you ended your camp career on a good note, being a counselor. I'm sure you were a great one!

Suzanne made it fine at camp last week ~ no tears!! She talked non-stop when she got home, and has taught her sister some of the skits so they perform them for us on a fairly regular basis. I'm glad it was fun for her!

annie said...

I imagine being a camp counselor would be fun! I haven't gotten to do that "yet"... :o)

Raising Joey said...

My first camp experience was the same. I was so homesick, halfway through my mom decided to come to camp to help out the other parents and went with us every year after that!

sheryl said...

That's so nice that those girls were kind to you during such a traumatic week!
I bet you were such a great counselor because you could empathize with the kids who were homesick!
Thanks for sharing your memories :)

Lorie said...

I enjoyed reading your camp memories! Brought back some memories for me.

KC said...

I'm sorry about your 1st time at camp and how home sick you were.
my 1st year at camp I would be fine all day long then at night when the lights went out and we were laying in the cabin in the dark I use to cry to myself wanting to go home and see my mom and dad but come morning I was so over that, just having so much fun.. it was like at night I would have gone home but during the day you couldn't drag me away LOL.
Great time traveling with you.

oh amanda said...

I was a camp counselor, too. It's some of my most favorite memories! Thanks for sharing yours!

Coach J said...

You're gonna laugh!!! Get ready: when Annie asked us about our camp experiences, basketball camp NEVER ENTERED MY MIND!! Ha,ha,ha,ha!! And I've been to several!! I am just shaking my head at myself!!
I'm so sorry you were homesick, but at least you had some good roommates. The farest-away camp that I went to was certainly not a friendly place, so I was a loner that week. Learned lots, but made no friends.

JennaG said...

I was a home sick type child, myself. So bad that my mom had my dad come pick me up--two different years. I was never allowed to go back after that.