This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope. It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every moring: great is thy faithfulness. The Lord is my portion saith my soul: therefore will I hope in him. The Lord is good unto them that wait for Him, to the soul that seeketh him. It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the LORD. Lamentations 3: 21-26

Friday, May 4, 2007

Scripture & Song

Psalm 148
1 Praise ye the LORD. Praise ye the LORD from the heavens: praise him in the heights.

2 Praise ye him, all his angels: praise ye him, all his hosts.

3 Praise ye him, sun and moon: praise him, all ye stars of light.

4 Praise him, ye heavens of heavens, and ye waters that be above the heavens.

5 Let them praise the name of the LORD: for he commanded, and they were created.

6 He hath also stablished them for ever and ever: he hath made a decree which shall not pass.

7 Praise the LORD from the earth, ye dragons, and all deeps:

8 Fire, and hail; snow, and vapours; stormy wind fulfilling his word:

9 Mountains, and all hills; fruitful trees, and all cedars:

10 Beasts, and all cattle; creeping things, and flying fowl:

11 Kings of the earth, and all people; princes, and all judges of the earth:

12 Both young men, and maidens; old men, and children:

13 Let them praise the name of the LORD: for his name alone is excellent; his glory is above the earth and heaven.

14 He also exalteth the horn of his people, the praise of all his saints; even of the children of Israel, a people near unto him. Praise ye the LORD.

All Creatures of Our God and King

All creatures of our God and King
Lift up your voice and with us sing,
Alleluia! Alleluia!
Thou burning sun with golden beam,
Thou silver moon with softer gleam!

O praise Him!
O praise Him!
Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

Thou rushing wind that art so strong
Ye clouds that sail in Heaven along,
O praise Him! Alleluia!
Thou rising moon, in praise rejoice,
Ye lights of evening, find a voice!


Thou flowing water, pure and clear,
Make music for thy Lord to hear,
O praise Him! Alleluia!
Thou fire so masterful and bright,
That givest man both warmth and light.


Dear mother earth, who day by day
Unfoldest blessings on our way,
O praise Him! Alleluia!
The flowers and fruits that in thee grow,
Let them His glory also show.


And all ye men of tender heart,
Forgiving others, take your part,
O sing ye! Alleluia!
Ye who long pain and sorrow bear,
Praise God and on Him cast your care!


And thou most kind and gentle Death,
Waiting to hush our latest breath,
O praise Him! Alleluia!
Thou leadest home the child of God,
And Christ our Lord the way hath trod.


Let all things their Creator bless,
And worship Him in humbleness,
O praise Him! Alleluia!
Praise, praise the Father, praise the Son,
And praise the Spirit, Three in One!


Words: St. Francis of Assisi Translation: William H. Draper Music: Pe­ter von Brach­el

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Friday Favorites

I am on a theme. I am out of step and out of season. But my theme is pumpkins!! Pumpkins are a year round favorite for me.

Here is a favorite picture of the pumpkin patch we go to with my parents, my sister and her children.

Amberly at Moments Amid Messes hosts Friday Favorites. Visit her and share your family friendly favorite things.

Favorite Ingredients Friday--Breakfast Edition--Pumpkin Pancakes

Overwhelmed With Joy always hosts Favorite Ingredients Friday, but this week is the Breakfast Edition. Yum!!

On the same theme from last week, apparently I am heading to the pumpkin patch again. Pumpkin Pancakes are sooooooo very much my favorite breakfast food right now.

Easy as, um...well, pancakes. Prepare your traditional pancake recipe. If you are like me--it might very well be a mix!! Add half a can of pumpkin, about 8 oz. to your prepared mix. Add cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, vanilla and put on the griddle until browned. They are a bit heavy and take a little longer to cook. I love, love, butter and apricot jam on mine, but some say maple syrup or other toppings.

I promise I will get in the right season next week! Visit all the good cooks at Overwhelmed With Joy's Favorite Ingredients Fridays.

7 Things

Amberly tagged me for a 7 Things About Me meme. I'm supposed to write seven random facts or habits about myself and then tag 7 other people to do the same.

1) I am going to the ballet Friday night. To see the second night of a world premier show. La-te-da-te-da.

2) My friend came over to have me do her hair. She went to the Opening Night of the world premier ballet. Whoo-hoo-hoo. (That beats “La-te-da-te-da hands down.)

3) The name of Amberly’s blog—Moments Amid Messes—really should be the name of my HOUSE. People, I am telling you. We have gotten out of control and I am worried someone is going to call Clean Sweep on me. Not proud and not kidding.

4) I still have my snowmen up. Refer to #3.

5) I have 99 books & other stuff checked out of the library and about 22 on hold. I can borrow up to 200 items. I haven’t gotten there yet. Said 99 items are stacked "artfully" around my house. Refer to #3 again.

6) There is a dragon flying in my living room. He attacked me around Christmas when I was trying to set up the tree. He is vicious and he hurts.

7) My coffee pot died two days ago. I called DCG at work to whine and to beg to use his ask for advice. He deigned to allow me to use his once (see #47) and went out that night to Wal-Mart (alone) to buy me a new one. New coffee pots aren't as good as old ones.

I am tagging Overwhelmed With Joy, Liza, Mrs. Pear, Karen (mommy of three) , Jenny (Home Is Where You Start From), Kathleen (so grateful to be Mormon).

National Day of Prayer

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

National Day of Prayer is today. Take time. Stop and pray for our country. Don't count on someone else praying for you. We don't all have to agree on doctrine to agree that prayer is a good thing.

And please remember Heather today. She is having surgery. Brain surgery. I cannot comprehend. But I am praying.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Visit the official Wordless Wednesday site to see more photos to leave you wordless.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday

Annie at My Life as Annie is starting a new meme--Time Travel Tuesday and I thought I would play!

She writes, "Welcome to the first edition of Time Travel Tuesday. In another attempt to get to know all my fellow bloggers a little bit better, I thought it would be fun to learn about your past. Each week I invite you to join in remembering a certain age from your past.
This week we will focus on the age 12! What was a popular song & movie when you were twelve,what is a memory you have from that age?"

Okay Annie, and anyone else who doesn't know enough about me after the 100th post and the weird and still weird posts. You asked.

When I was 12 Jimmy Carter was president. It was the USA’s Bicentennial. The Winter Olympics were in Innsbruck. Dorothy Hamill won a gold medal. Barry Manilow’s I Write the Songs was the song of the year. Mary Tyler Moore was the top comedy. Rocky was the best picture.

My family had moved to a new town and I really was not on my way to popularity. My sister who was then 7 somehow became my best friend after I was awful to her for the previous six. I loved the house we lived in. My dad was the manager of one of the local grocery stores. We had a black toy poodle named Snooky Bear.

Other movies from when I was twelve: Freaky Friday, Ode to Billy Joe, All the President’s Men, The Bad News Bears, Logan’s Run. I saw all of those.

Other songs from when I was 12: Silly Love Songs, Paul McCartney and Wings, Don't Go Breaking My Heart, Elton John and Kiki Dee, Play That Funky Music, Wild Cherry, 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover, Paul Simon, Afternoon Delight, Starland Vocal Band, Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen, Misty Blue, Dorothy Moore.
Go visit Annie and share some of your history!

For Heather


Heather has something to say post-op!!!
I am undone and all a-blubber in tears.

Kelli at Living In Grace is hosting a prayer chain for Heather.

I am joining and would like to invite anyone to visit Kelli and join too on her Mr. Linky that she's posted.

Heavenly Father, I just lift up precious Heather to You. You made her, and You know the steps ordained in her life. I offer prayers for her healing and for Your glory to be clear to all those who learn of her story. Bless her dear husband and children. Bless her parents. Touch all the doctors, nurses and medical personnel who will meet You through her. In the Name of Your Precious Son. Amen and Amen.

Spring Reading Thing Review: Outlander, The Oak Apple and The Age of Innocence

Three Birds Books with one Stone Post

I’ve been on a historical fiction kick apparently. But while each of the three books in my review are historical fiction, they are very different in flavor, style and scope.

The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton has been on my reading list FOREVER. The book observes the relationships between well born, well bred, Newland Archer, his fiancé and then wife, May Welland and her cousin the Countess Ellen Olenska, who has returned to Golden age New York society in disgrace desiring to divorce her European husband.

Society during the Golden Age of New York is nothing if not predictable. To be less than respectable and to fit into the preconceived and strict limits is akin to sin. Surprise is not considered pleasant. So the arrival of Countess Olenska at the beginning of Newland and May’s engagement upsets the pretty little apple cart that is typically a society engagement. The Countess is unconventional, independent in thought and actions, and appears not to care how her actions will affect her family.

May is the height of perfection: the perfect daughter, the perfect wife-to-be, the perfect model of a young woman in society. Newland has never considered breaking out of the cast he was born into; he has the prescribed job, the prescribed pre-engagement dalliances, and now the prescribed future wife.

Of course you can see it coming. Newland is fascinated, captivated by May’s cousin the Countess. But what follows is as much a war against convention as a romance. The Age of Innocence paints the landscape of the late 1800s in New York. It is brilliant, romantic and stifling and frustrating. A recommended read.

The Oak Apple by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles is book four of the twenty-nine book series, The Morland Dynasty I have gotten myself hooked on. The history of Great Britain has never been so appealing. Straight forward, fast moving, clear, concise and yet beautiful language that draws the British background for the story of the family Morland.

It is 1630 and civil war breaks out in England. The Morland family continues to struggle between themselves, Catholic vs. Protestantism. But now the Puritans are gaining ground and power and changing the balance and leading people away from tradition of religion and monarchy.

The family is as divided as the country: husbands and wives, fathers and sons, sisters, brothers and cousins all fiercely loyal Englishmen, all fiercely loyal Morlands, trying to hold everything together and tearing the fabric of their lives apart.

I finished The Oak Apple in a weekend and immediately flew through the fifth book The Black Pearl. (We won’t talk about the state of my house due to my reading frenzy.) I am anxious to get to number six, The Long Shadow, but I am restraining myself and reading some non-fiction for a bit and focusing a bit more on the books on my list.

The third historical fiction, Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, was one that was repeatedly recommended to me. I didn’t really get a good idea of the book from these recommendations. All I got was that I. Had. To. Read. It. Well they were right. Now I. Have. To. Read. The. Next. One. Because (be still my heart) it is a series.

The idea of time travel, romance and history coming together to form anything seriously appealing just wasn’t making its way into my thick skull. But to call Outlander a romantic novel would be limiting, although the romance is boiling. To call it a historical novel would not be fair either, although Gabaldon’s command of British history is strong and at times graphic. The time travel element made me think it would be science fiction and that is really not true (although I love sci-fi, this is not it). This is a timeless intense story of faithfulness and love, that explores religion and beliefs and the matter of importance of action.

I am not doing this book justice at all and if you really want to get a sense of the book, go visit Shalee at her Diner and read her review. Let me just say…She is not kidding. Well...there might be a little more to it than that...

Katrina, the writer of Callapidder Days, is hosting The Spring Reading Thing. She is also graciously having book give aways—my word is she giving away the books!! Visit her and all the Spring Reading Thing participants and add to your reading list. I did. And now I have enough on my list to keep me busy for...oh...the next year, or ten.

Menu Plan Monday

Hoping for some quiet before the storm of travel and graduations and rehearsals that will be next week. A very simple menu is about all I think I will be able to manage, because even a quiet week means I am gone on whole day from home and two other nights. AAAAaaack!!!

As soon as I make it through the third week of May I am going to sort through all the magazines and recipes and try to get organized there. Does anyone thing I can convince Laura the Organizing Junkie to make a housecall? Well until I can find a little more time and some chaos control this will be the type of menu for the family for a few more weeks.

Monday--Spaghetti with crockpot meatmalls
Tuesday--Chicken strips with salad and bread
Friday--Crockpot roast, potatoes, gravy, salad and sauteed mushrooms.

Visit Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie to see just how many people are sharing their menus on Menu Plan Monday. Ideas abound!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Grains of Gratitude

This is my eighth week of participating in Grains of Gratitude. I am grateful to Christine for starting this. It has given me the opportunity to start the week out with an attitude of thankfulness and looking forward.

I am grateful that perception is not always reality. Especially my perceptions. Sometimes I tend to be a “half empty” kind of person. God is a “full and overflowing Father.” Even when I perceive things incorrectly, He remains, giving abundantly and passionately. It usually takes less than 24 hours to readjust my attitude, but the reality of God’s goodness it there—whether I acknowledge it or not.

I am grateful for the twenty-something year old young man who is teaching my boys PE class. He is amazingly patient and very organized and given my boys a chance to have an opportunity that cannot be created with a creaking mommy (me) and two little boys, no matter how energetic.

I am grateful for the lovely young woman who is teaching the drama class my boys are also taking. She is creative and gentle and thoughtful. She, too, provides a setting that I could not, no matter how I tried.

And I am grateful to the other homeschooling parents and children who participate in the group we meet with. It is a wonderful thing for me to look around and see so many other families who are on parallel paths as ours, unique, but with similar goals. It is a little lonely sometimes. A couple weeks ago, during one of the boys activities, I spent a half hour or so talking with an engaging, older boy. He asked if I minded if he worked on his project near me. (It wasn’t a quiet project.) I didn’t and he immediately shared his goal for the project and walked through the process with me. He was funny and articulate and I was just impressed with his maturity and insight. I was grateful for his company and a glimpse of someone my boys might be growing up to be like. I am grateful that I live where homeschooling is an option for my family. We have been blessed by the journey.

What are you grateful for?

Grains of Gratitude was started by Christine at Brady’s Bunch.