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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reason’s I Miss Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas the Tank EngineThey go from Thomas to Transformers in about 15 seconds. You blink and they’ve gone from cuddly toddlers to boys exploding in Transformer fashion in the backyard.

I miss Thomas. Way to early, for some reason, we dove into popular culture Star Wars, Transformers, and Bionicles. Thomas kind of sits now, neglected. Once in a while though they will pull out Thomas and his friends and I am reminded why I miss him.

1. Who can resist steam engines that talk?

2. Thomas loves children.

3. Thomas always has a good lesson.

Diesel4. Bad Diesel never wins. Even if he has a claw.

5. Thomas does not explode or attack anyone. He is a little “cheeky” but the worst he does is get stuck in the snow.

6. The island of Sodor has perfect weather. Unless it snows. And then it only does that so Thomas can learn something.

7. Thomas tracks, unlike Bionicle pieces don’t become embedded in the carpet to be found by bare feet at 3 a.m.

8. Thomas has a rather sweet voice, no matter if it is Ringo, George or Alec who is narrating, unlike Optimus Prime who, although a good guy is extremely imposing.

9. Thomas comes from England, not from a galaxy far, far away. Therefore, Thomas speaks English and has pronounceable names. When the boys got involved in Bionicles it was like a whole new language—with lots of guttural and phlegm-y words and names.

James the Tank Engine10. I like Thomas’ theme song from the shows and all of the cute little songs that went with it. Somehow singing “Transformers! Robots in disguise!” to heavy metal just doesn’t evoke the same feeling of joy.

11. In Thomas’ world I never feel that Earth is in danger of exploding or being run by evil displaced robots.

12. Other than talking, Thomas has no super powers. Thomas is not larger than life. In fact he is rather small. And still manages to make a difference.

Thomas Playset13. I miss Thomas the most because lack of play with Thomas means my boys are growing up. And while that is a parent’s goal to raise healthy, thriving, growing children, the toys that come with maturity don’t have a lot of space for Mommy. Oh well, maybe if I learn some martial arts kicks and hits I could jump around and explode in the back yard too…Naaahhhhh…I don’t see that as being cool. Just a sure way to throw out my back. Oh well…Thomas, I still love you.

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damozel said...

I know what you mean. Sadly, my stepson never went through the Thomas phase; he seemed to go straight into "Power Rangers" and transformers without ever stopping off in the cuddly, imaginative places I wanted to linger in. I can remember watching with great consternation as he mimed setting a bomb, blowing somethng up and arresting himself before he could really talk. "You can hide, but you can't run" was one of the first sentences I heard him say.

....Fortunately, he grew out of it!

The power rangers song: ha! I too prefer the world of Thomas where kids don't HAVE to be superheroes.

kailani said...

#13 would definitely make me miss Thomas the most. It's the same reason I miss Disney Princesses. *sigh*

Milan - zzz said...

I never heard about Thomas (Probably because I live on the other side of the planet) but I catch the point. There's always some Thomas sitting neglected causing nostalgia for those little older.
Of course Transformers are ruling here as well :(


Robin said...

I hear you. Transformers and the rest are nothing but empty violence. Nice message they're sending. Yuck.

They grow up way too quickly...

Coach J said...

We never did Thomas around here. I think that my boy was too old when Thomas came on the scene, and then I had a girl, so no Thomas for her. Now VeggieTales? We ALL got into that!
I'm not a Transformer-lover, and my kids haven't asked to go that route. We have graduated to asking for cell phones to text with. Ugh!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I'm just starting to see the beginnings of leaving all of their 'preschool' cartoon friends behind and it's very, very sad... Especially since older kids' cartoons aren't nearly as educational and a lot more rude, lol. (sigh)

Fiddledeedee (It Coulda' Been Worse) said...

Oh, I so agree! I'm clinging to the fact that my boy still loves "Dora" and "Blues Clues" and the ever manly "Bob The Builder". I hope these remain favorites for many more years.

The Wooden Porch said...

This post makes me miss Thomas too! But my son is only one. He's growing too fast though. Both of mine are.

Dapoppins said...

I am saving my wooden Thomas set for the grandkids. That would be better if grandkids weren't 20 years away. But i am still saving it. We avoided Star Wars, and changed Bionicles for Knights, but there are still many, many explosions and battles.

kim said...

I loved this post--it is how I feel about all the legos that used to be all over my house...sigh...I do miss my *little* boys....

A Dusty Frame said...

aww! I've been wanting to find the original stories to read with James.

Thanks for your kind words at my place!