This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope. It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every moring: great is thy faithfulness. The Lord is my portion saith my soul: therefore will I hope in him. The Lord is good unto them that wait for Him, to the soul that seeketh him. It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the LORD. Lamentations 3: 21-26

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

...She Says With a Sigh and a Limp

After my Sunday Grains of Gratitude post, I managed somehow to acquire a pinched sciatic nerve.

I started out walking like Mrs. H-Wiggins—remember Carol Burnette?

And progressed to a Tim Conway shuffle. Remember his old man to Harvey Korman's serious role?

And finally arrived at today’s gait that resembles Davy Jones. And just complete the picture, I will let you know that my hair, while much darker, even resembles Davy Jones’ just because I’ve been afraid of falling in the shower and therefore it is desperate need of a good wash.

DCG has been very supportive and helpful in allowing me to rest, feeding the children and providing entertainment. But he did have to go to work again today. Boo has been very sympathetic although he has scared me a few times coming up behind me and leaning over the recliner from behind. Roo has been extremely helpful to the limit of his height and truth be told it is the activities that involve bending that are the biggest issue for me.

This was the week (along with next) I was supposed to be doing deep cleaning and possibly furniture rearranging. I don’t see that happening today, tomorrow or the next day. The boys were supposed to receive their summer haircuts from me yesterday, and that didn’t happen. (They're not complaining.) I have a feeling that once again life is going to get in the way of my plans.

It has been no secret that I lack in the organizing department. I am the Fly Lady Flunkie. My Menu Plan Monday was disrupted by my aches and pains (Woe is me) and once again we seem to be involved in the haphazard, seat of the pants, slap some duct tape, tar and baling wire approach to life around here. I do think I will be able to work on some planning for school and scheduling of next fall semester. But if I go to all that work I want to be able to follow my plan for once.

What advice can all of you smart readers give me here? How do you survive illnesses, surprise situations and just life in general? How do you have schedules and stick to them amid all the chaos? Can you still be flexible? (My flexibility is a bit limited today, but usually I pride myself on it.)

Give me some hope and good ideas.

I wouldn't mind a bottle of Motrin and my heating pad too, if you don't mind. Sigh...


Amberly said...

Sorry you're having a hard time this week. I don't have any earth-shattering advice for you, but I will say that I tend to go with the flow. My kids are very "go with the flow" kind of kids as well, which is important given what's usually going on in our lives. I think there are definite benefits to structure, but not to the point of not being able to cope with change. It's very beneficial for kids to be able to adapt to things that come up and it sounds like yours are. As for you, just take it easy, do what you can and enjoy the break. It (the housework, etc.) will all be there waiting for you when you're feeling better!

JennaG said...

I'm so sorry--I know that is painful. My only advice is to take Amberly's advice.

so grateful to be Mormon! said...

oh, julie: good vibes and prayers are send your way this day. feel better soon, i hope. ~blessings, kathleen :)

Bss said...

Ouch! I remember that pain from when I was pregnant, and afterwards. Not fun! I'm so sorry that you are hurting. I don't have any medical advice for you, and the advice you were given above is what I would recommend, too. I have also used my 'down time' lately to spend more time in the Word. It has really been a comfort to me.

DebD said...

So sorry you are in such pain. I've dealt with difficult illnesses but nothing like a sciatica. It sounds like your family is dealing with it quite well and everyone is helping to the best of their abilities. Definitely this is the time to KISS (keep it simple sweetie).

Prayers going up for you.

shhhh - I'm a Flylady Flunkie too (actually a Flylady never been because I knew it would be useless).

CoachJ said...

My advice is the same: let it go. It will be waiting for you when you get better. (I love Ms. H-Wiggins--does your butt poke out like hers??)
Concentrate on getting better. You're no help to anyone until you do!

Joyful Days said...

Coach Jenny--ummm...yup--you got the picture!! There was a more...well (blush) accurate picture, but I decided to leave it off. ;0)

But now I'm doing the peg-leg thing.