This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope. It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every moring: great is thy faithfulness. The Lord is my portion saith my soul: therefore will I hope in him. The Lord is good unto them that wait for Him, to the soul that seeketh him. It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the LORD. Lamentations 3: 21-26

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

What is it about fall that makes me feel like baking, cooking and most of all eating? Flavors are so important, what would food be without them. How thin would I be if eating didn’t have such appeal—note to self, “quit using flavorful food & flavorings.” No, that’s not right…I just need to learn the ever so important word—MODERATION.

So I give you:

Thirteen flavors with which I wish I did not have to worry about moderation:

coffeeCoffee—the nectar with which I start my day. An IV would be faster, but I’ve decided that it would not be near as fun.
Coffee flavoring is wonderful to find in candy, baking or liqueur. Add some instant coffee to your brownies, just a dash and they will be even better. Flavored coffee my favorite, much to my husband’s dismay. So much so that we have to have separate coffee pots. So my sissy coffee does not contaminate his “real coffee.”

Chocolate—second only to coffee. Even better when found with coffee. Or alone or with many of the following flavors. Chocolate brownies, cupcakes, Ghirardelli, Godiva…dark, milk, semi-sweet, bitter…chocolate is wonderful. chocolate

vanillaVanilla—not simple or plain at all. Vanilla is not as bold as other flavors. Vanilla enhances the flavors it is added too. Vanilla is a good and gentle friendly type flavor. Tastes good with coffee and/or chocolate. Not just for ice cream anymore, although is my favorite kind.

caramelCarmel—oooh, lala Caramel. Caramel is sticky as well as tasty and you know it just lingers. Caramel in coffee, with chocolate, in chocolate coffee, in brownies, in candy, as frosting...Yum. Caramel to me is a fall flavor also for some reason—OH wait!!! I know Caramel Apples!!

applesApple—A was an apple pie, B bit it, C cut it…well you know the rhyme. Apple pie, apple danish, apple cider, apple butter, apple cake, apple turnover…what can you not do with an apple?

Cinnamon—did you know you cannot swallow a teaspoon of cinnamon? Or so I am told. I am not trying it. Although I do take cinnamon capsules, supposed to be good for blood sugar levels and I am not one to turn down a natural opportunity for that. I’ll get back to you on the effectiveness. Cinnamon candy—Red Hots!! Cinnamon fudge which I made last Christmas—ohhhhh so good. Cinnamon in my coffee, cakes, apple pies, oatmeal, cookies. Cinnamon leads fall into winter. Cinnamon goes into PUMPKIN PIE!cinnamon

pumpkinPumpkin—a gourd like no other, can be copied but not well imitated. Can be a vegetable but at the same time a dessert. And pumpkins are cool to look at. I am especially enamored with pumpkin cheesecake recipes, but am fond of pumpkin bread, bars, butter and I would really like to join Harry Potter or JK Rowling and have a glass of pumpkin juice.

lemonLemon—Says summer to me, but I still love it. Lemonade, lemon pie, lemon cookies, lemon cake, lemon frosting, lemon ice. Clean with a bite, citrus with a jolt…Lemony fresh lemons.

tomatoTomatoes—end of summer bliss. Off the vine, red, yellow, purple, green. Big Boy, Best Girl or Cherry or Grape. Look here for heirloom varieties. Tomato sandwiches—who needs the L and the B??? Just the tomatoes!! Salad sauce, salsa, warm cold. You say toe-may-toe—I say toe-mah-toe, they are still delicious, nutritious and oh so fine. Goes with basil and garlic.

basilDid I say basil?? Cinnamon, lemon, sweet, Italian—how many varieties of basil are there? In a salad, in a sauce, pesto, meat or vegetarian…Basil is adaptable and easy to grow.

Garlic—there is NO such thing as too much garlic. I’m just saying. You have been warned. Heart healthy and flavorful, in sauce, meat, on veggies, baked solo and if it can get past me, as a spread. One of my dear wishes is to visit the restaurant to die for—The Stinking Rose. Be still my heart. garlic

feta cheeseFeta Cheese—an acquired taste that no one else in my family has acquired. So more for me. I buy it in a brick. Salad, sauce, topping. You will never misjudge the fragrance.

cheddar cheeseCheddar Cheese—is a work horse, sandwiches, soups, salads, casseroles, hors d’oevres. I love all cheese in general, but cheddar is a comfort flavor for me. Common and unpretentious is cheddar.

Care to share your favorite flavors?

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Liza's Eyeview said...

I love all these - probably not in the same order (but yes, coffee is first) - but they are all my favorite flavors.

MissMeliss said...

COFFEE. And chocolate, cheddar, etc...all of these, actually, are on my list of must-haves.

Moderation feels like deprivation, at times.

GREAT list, thanks for the visit. :)

Gattina said...

I love coffee too, but strong to very strong even Italian espressos. Garlic and Basil are always present in my kitchen and olive oil as well.

*Rae* said...

Great list I love coffee but only if its cold & from Starbucks lol but I agree with alot of other flavors on your list especially chocolate, vanilla & garlic. Happy TT-

Anonymous said...

hey sweetie:
fun. and you sooo reminded me that i still have part of a choc candy bar left! woo hoot!

Xakara said...

Fun list, you had all the way to the tomatoes. I'm allergic to them sadly. :(

But so many other great things to ponder instead, especially the idea of caramel apples and cinnamon-pumpkin-spiced-vanilla lattes. What? I can find someone to make it. *wink*

Happy TT


Rims said...

:D Your list smells real good...
BTW I love chocos, lemon, basil, tomatoes!!
Happy TTing

Journeywoman said...

Cinnamon Fudge...I'd love the recipie for that!

There's a place near us called the Garlic rose, they have garlic in everything...even the Ice Cream!

Blue Momma said...

Great list! And I just happen to have a caramel apple waiting for me in my kitchen.

I'm headed it's way now....

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I agree with you on every single one of those flavours! Yum yum and yum!

Sue said...

I'm soooo hungry now ... lol!! Happy TT :)

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Very yummy list! I love chocolate and caramel, garlic and cinnamon. :)

freetofly said...

I love your list! It is scent-a-licious!

P.S. How do you get all the cool photos? Do you take them yourself? Or do you have a certain wemsite you use?

L^2 said...

I'm not a fan of tomatoes (raw tomatoes that is - I love them in things like spaghetti sauce), but I love all of the other flavors on your list.

Thanks for visiting my TT! :-)

Joyismygoal said...

I think apples and spices don'thave to be moderated too much:>

Melanie said...

What a fun list and great pictures!

tegdirb92 said...

what an excellent list!! I too share MANY of those favorite flavors but chocolate would be my #1. Have a wonderful Thursday.

Sandra Schwab said...

What does happen if you swallow a teaspoon of cinnamon?

Great list! Chocolate would definitely be my #1 if I were to write a similar TT13. :)

Best wishes from Germany,

Nicholas said...

Somehow I knew that chocolate would be on your list before I even started to read it!

Karen said...

LOL, good list! Mine is up here: and while my PIF for September is still up, I already posted October's:-)

Danielle said...

I've just recently started drinking coffee, but still not all the time. There's a link on my site just below my 13 for a free coffee sample from Walmart--they have chocolate truffle :-)

Apple slices with French vanilla ice cream and warm caramel sounds really good right now...and that's not what I should think about at 11:30 at night :-)

Gene Bach said...

As I read your list my little peabrain started to function and I came up with somethings for you to try:

1) A cup of French roast coffee laced with three tablespoons of chocolate, with a few drops of vanilla slowly stirred in.

2) A carmel covered apple dipped in cinnamon.

3) A pumpkin pie, 1/2 as thick as normal, with a layer of lemon meringue pie layed over that to bring it to full tickness.

4) Fresh beefstake tomatoes suateed in garlic and basil, covered with crushed feta cheese and lightly sprinkled with cheddar cheese.

Bon Appetite!

Damozel said...

I love this much more than similar list because of the evocative illustrations!


My favorite starbucks' coffee is pumpkin latte with whipped cream.

Mother of Hana said...


btw thanks for your comment at my blog :)

SusieJ said...

Cinnamon is soooo good for you!

sheryl said...

Oh! I am so with you on this...including the need for that ol' moderation!!
I love almost everything on your list... cinnamon and pumpkin aren't big favorites of mine...but at certain times I enjoy them as well.
Coffee, chocolate, and vanilla...those are definite tops on my list. Feta and cheddar...and blue too!!
Oh my...better stop now :)

Jendi said...

A great TT!
I don't like coffee, but chocolate is a must for me. I also agree with you on the garlic. Did you know it's very good for nursing mothers to eat garlic? When we make garlic bread here we load it! I also like to sprinkle it on our frozen pizzas.

Joyful Days said...

Sandra Schwab~I tried to respond directly, but was unable to.

I've Googled & apparently some people can swallow a teaspoon of cinnamon, although they don't seem to be able to really swallow it in one gulp.

Maybe it is a myth that your body won't let you...not going to try it myself.