This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope. It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every moring: great is thy faithfulness. The Lord is my portion saith my soul: therefore will I hope in him. The Lord is good unto them that wait for Him, to the soul that seeketh him. It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the LORD. Lamentations 3: 21-26

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy Bloggy-versary to Me! With Grains of Gratitude

One year of blogging today. I am a little amazed and somewhat amused that I managed to stick with something for quite so long. If the truth be told I’m easily sidetracked and aside from my husband and my children nothing has held my attention for very long. That could account for my number of hobbies. I jump into something and get consumed. But after awhile the glow wears off and I pursue something else for a while.

Writing was a hobby for me a long time ago and did not seem to fit into the earliest years of motherhood. But this must have been the year, for I wrote and wrote and wrote. I had attempted blogging in a different format and considered it a very poor attempt. I don’t think I was very aware of what blogging really was. Not that I am any expert now. But I will tell you that during the first blogging attempt I did not have a laptop. A laptop helps…or enables you and makes you more addicted. It’s hard to tell the difference.

My first post was either this or that, depending on how you view things. The second was actually my original profile--I was remain a little wordy. I got hooked on reading blogs somewhere in the late fall of 2006. I remember the typical thoughts running through my head, thoughts that I think many bloggers are familiar with, “Why am I doing this?” “Will someone really read anything that I have to say?” “Who should I tell about this?” I remember the trepidation when I hit the first “Publish” button.

In the end I think my why has evolved & grown with my writing. I’ve blogged for several different reasons. I’ve blogged to chronicle a year in our life. I’ve search throughout the year for the joy in life. The pursuit of joy has been very rewarding in what has had to have been one of my more difficult years. People have read and responded and shared and it is a tremendously interesting cyber-community that blogs.

Who did I end up telling? Who in my “real” life is aware that I blog? My children know and find it a very cool thing—they would tell everyone Mommy has a blog if I would let them. My husband knows about it and has let me plague him with the details, but has kept a somewhat wide distance from my blog. And my sister knows about it because she’s been mentioned and I used some of her photos. She doesn’t read it, and still is of the belief that I write, “Dear BlogDiary, Today I did laundry and fed the boys and got through school and drove to ballet.” Well maybe I did write about laundry—once. I guess I’ve talked about feeding the boys. Okay, I talked about driving to ballet. But hopefully, I’ve come a ways from the twelve-year-old me who had a pink diary with a lock and pages with dates on. Hopefully I may have grown up just a bit. But then again

I will say my computer and internet skills have improved and increased. I can talk a little geek if I have to, mostly repeating what the husband and the sister tell me. They could have a lot of fun at my expense with that.

I learned what a Stat Counter is and highly recommend using one for any new blogger. I’ve joined book challenges and blog carnivals and even managed to have some new books sent my way. How cool is that?

The biggest surprise was the blogging friends & acquaintances who’ve blessed my life this year. To everyone who took the time and left comments, and to those who just lurked thanks so much for the boost that your presence brings.

I like that my “bloggy-versary” or “bloggy birthday” is at the end of 2007 and lines up with my thoughts for the New Year. I have some different things I want to pursue for my blog in 2008 and some things that I am content with and want to keep. I’ve got a lot of housekeeping and some loose ends that need tied up so be warned that those posts will be appearing. They are mostly for me and record-keeping, so I can compare some things down road. Feel free to just click the red X and move on to more exciting reading. Although it can't be much worse than this post.

I was grateful to find Christine at Brady's Bunch and latched on to her Grains of Gratitude meme. I am grateful for all of the bloggers that have touched my heart in so many ways. I am grateful that my husband and my boys allow me to spend precious time pecking away at my computer. Sounds like I should probably thank the "academy" next...

This one year mark caught me a bit unprepared. The boys and I are traveling and so I just wrote this rambling thing. Hopefully the next blogging year will find me a bit more prepared and not scrambling.

Any suggestions for my blogging future?? Hopefully no one will say, "Hang it up, kid!"


Kelli said...

Happy, happy sweet friend!

Donna said...

I started blogging on AOL journals four years ago, and I've kept that one going. I actually consider the Blogspot blog a sort of secondary one. I like connection with people in all walks of life, seeing how they live their lives. I've been inspired. I've grieved with those who died. I've laughed with some of the funniest people ever. And it's real people, for the most part.

You just keep right on blogging!

DebD said...

Happy blog anniversary. I think I can ditto pretty much all you've said. I would be mortified if people at my church knew I was blogging.

I have more family members who know I'm blogging but that is because my husband keeps telling them about it! I finally had to ask him to stop because I wasn't really interested in advertising my blog to friends and relatives.

Here's to another delightful year of reading your blog.

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts said...

Happy Blogiversary!!

Leah in Iowa said...

Happy Blogoversary, Julie! Mine's coming up in just four days, so I'd better give my post some additional thought. Thanks for the advance warning!

It's been fun to get to know you better this year through your blog. We've both experienced joys and sorrows, sad times and happy times. What a blessing a friend can be ~ even a friend one has never met in real life. Someday maybe!

Anyway, thanks for your friendship. I appreciate you, and am blessed so often by the words you write here. May 2008 be a wonderful year for you, and one in which your relationship with the Lord grows exponentially!

Happy Blogoversary, and Happy New Year!

~ Leah

annie said...

Happy blogversary!

I'm so glad I found you in the blogworld!

Renee's Reading Nook said...


Keep on're great at it! I have been so blessed by meeting you (through the bloggy world) and from your blog. My life is much richer for it and you've gotten me to laughing just when I needed it! Thank you so much!

Happy Blogiversary and Happy New Year!


Heidi @ GGIP said...

What a great post to read! I really enjoyed reading how your blog changed and is still changing. I have been thinking about that too.

And happy blogiversary!

Liza's Eyeview said...

Oh I am a day late - but want to wish you a HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! Can you believe it's been a year? I think we've met (blog-met that is) just about the first month you were blogging :)

You've been a great blessing in so many ways - I'd say continue blogging my friend.

Liza's Eyeview said...

Oh I forgot to mention, my kids were my biggest fan when I started blogging. Like your kids, they would tell anybody and everybody if I'd let them. They're proud to announce that "My Mom Blogs :) "

Mariposa said...

Happy anniversary...and happy new year!

Cheers to more years to come and more blogging!

kim said...

Happy Day to you Julie! No "hang it up, kid" comments from me---no way! I love reading your blog. :) What an accomplishment. Along with you, only my kids and husband know that I blog--and maybe one lady from church. The blog world has been such a treat to enter and I have met such nice people--like YOU! I look forward to more great entries to read from you. :)
Have a Happy New Year.....

Coach J said...

Oh, I don't ever want you to hang it up!! Happy Anniversary to you! I'm grateful for this blogosphere, and how it has impacted my life--that includes YOU!
Happy New Year, friend.