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Monday, June 25, 2007

Doo-Doo Bread, the Secret Recipe

I'm tickled that so many are wondering what the recipe is for Doo-Doo bread. Because it just shows what an awful person I am--it has little or no nutritional value and it is so simple to make there must be a law against that. But it does taste good. So here you go--please come visit me again after you read this, I really am not always so lame.

1 loaf frozen bread dough
vegetable oil in a skillet

Thaw bread dough, but don't let it rise
Tear or cut (if you want to be neat about it) the dough into six to eight sections
Shape into flat, round shapes
Fry in the oil until golden

Serve with butter, sugar, cinnamon, or parmesean cheese and garlic seasoning. I am sure other toppings would go quite nicely.

Somewhere, back in the good old days when I was a kid, my family called this "Poor Man's Bread" or "Dough Dobbers." My very mature husband, when he first ate this at my parents' house, referred to it as "Doo-Doo" bread. And the name stuck. Like glue. My children have attempted boy-humor variations of this, but I refuse to allow them to demean such haute cuisine any further.

As I said there is little value in this other than it is tasty and it is just a tradition at my house. I promise to offer a "real" recipe on Friday if Overwhelmed will still let me play after this sample of my cooking genius.


Amberly said...

That sounds yummy! We love any kind of bread around here!

Coach J said...

I'll admit, the name did cause me to stop and wonder!! :)

- PRACTiCAL CHiCK said...

Sounds a little bit like Rachel Ray's bread gnocci (well minus the cinnamon and sugar LOL).

kim said...

Anything with sugar & cinnamon or parmesan cheese is an automatic hit around here even if it does have the word *doo-doo in it! :) Thanks for sharing and I think we may try it next week!

annie said...

I've made your doo doo bread, it was delish!!!

kim said...

Hi again--
omelets in a bag are soooo easy! Whip up two eggs per person. Each person gets a ziploc FREEZER bag-very important. It needs to be a Freezer bag. They put their two eggs in a bag with their name written on it. Have omelet toppings ready to add to the eggs in the bags. Toppings like: bacon,ham, cheese, tomato, onions,green pepper, salsa and hashbrowns. Whatever you like. Have a large pot full of boiling water. Seal up each bag, getting as much air out as possible. Put the bags in the boiling water-6-8 at a time depending on how big the pot is. Boil each bag exactly 13 minutes--then, voila, the eggs should just roll out on to the plate. I learned the hard way that it HAS to be the freezer bags!